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What We Do


We offer translation services. This includes the ability to provide certified translations which may be filed in Court or in the different County Clerk- Recorder Offices. Rate is a minimum of .12 per source word. Additional fees for certification. This involves pass-through fees for notarization for most California counties or fees charged in relationship to certification for use of documents in Los Angeles County court cases or documents to be filed in the LA Clerk-Recorder's Office. Medical, technical and school related translation is also available. We are familiar with the translation requirements of the school districts. If certified translations are to be used outside of the State of California, please check as to any additional requirements. Many times our certification before a judge or Notary is sufficient, but it may not be. We have translated many documents for immigration, political asylum, school transcripts, etc. These require notarization.

We are experienced in tape transcription and translation. Translation is .12 per word. We also charge hourly for the transcription itself. Transcription depends on the quality of the tape. We request high quality tapes that have not been previously used, to avoid bleed through of sounds from other recordings. Again, let us know about any certification requirements.